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We ♥ Entrepreneurs and support local businesses who support the area where we live, work and play.

In the dynamic world of real estate, collaboration is key to delivering comprehensive services that meet every client's needs. South Carolina Realty stands at the forefront of this approach, forging strategic partnerships with a wide array of local entrepreneurs and professionals. Our network is our strength, ensuring that every aspect of buying or selling a home is handled with expertise and care.

Attorneys play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, ensuring that all transactions are legally sound, from contract drafting to closing. Their expertise in real estate law safeguards our clients’ interests, making the buying or selling process smooth and secure.

Mortgage Lenders are crucial for financing dreams. We work closely with knowledgeable lenders who offer competitive rates and diverse mortgage options, helping clients find the right fit for their financial situation.

Home Inspectors provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing a property inside and out. Our inspectors deliver detailed reports that inform buyers of the condition of their prospective homes, highlighting any areas that may need attention.

Pest Control specialists ensure that homes are free from unwelcome guests, offering assessments and treatments that protect properties from damage and residents from health risks.

Contractors with a track record of quality workmanship help our clients transform their new houses into homes, whether it’s through minor repairs or major renovations.

Home Insurance agents offer the shield of protection every homeowner needs. We connect clients with reputable providers to ensure their investment is covered against unforeseen circumstances.

Surveying professionals provide accurate property boundaries, essential for any real estate transaction. Their precise work ensures that all legal requirements are met and that buyers know exactly what they are purchasing.

At South Carolina Realty, our network of skilled partners ensures that every client receives a seamless, integrated service, making the journey to homeownership as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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