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South Carolina Realty is obsessed with delivering top-notch, on-demand support to our agents. We often hear that subpar brokerage support is the reason agents consider leaving their current companies to join us. While dealing with commission splits, office fees, and franchise fees can be a downer, it's the lack of quality resources, outdated technology, and missed business-building opportunities that frustrate agents the most. At South Carolina Realty, we understand that agents can handle these challenges, but what they can't tolerate is ongoing poor support.

Real Estate School of SC

FREE Continuing Education for SC Realty Agents

Real estate licensees are required to complete ten (10) hours of continuing education once every two years. There is a mandatory core course required each cycle, which may be paired with elective credits totaling six hours to go with the four-hour core course. Courses may be completed in person, virtually or self-paced online.

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No Brokerage Fees

No Brokerage Fees

Standard Commission Split

Standard 80/20 Commission Split

TransacCon Management System

Transaction Management System


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E&O Insurance


Free Continuing Education Classes


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Exclusive Broker Lead Programs

Lead shortages pose a significant challenge for agents, but at South Carolina Realty, we are committed to equipping every agent for success across various aspects of the business, including lead generation.

Our Broker Lead Programs operate on a pay-at-close basis, eliminating the need for substantial upfront payments for leads. This exclusive access is granted to agents affiliated with partner brokerages, ensuring that South Carolina Realty agents enjoy privileged access when they join our company.

Agent Technology

South Carolina Realty is a forward-thinking real estate agency that not only embraces cutting-edge technology but also leads the industry in innovation. As your trusted partner, we go beyond simply informing you about the latest market-leading tools; we also offer top-notch technology and leads without any extra charges. Here are some exclusive advantages that all South Carolina Realty agents enjoy, setting us apart from other brokers:


Transaction Management System

Arguably the most efficient transaction management system within the industry. Say goodbye to the hassle of faxing, emailing, or hand-delivering physical copies to your broker. Our system allows you to effortlessly input and oversee all your contracts and involved parties, streamlining the process of submitting each transaction for review and funding with just a few clicks.


Ai Content Writer

Introducing our cutting-edge AI Content Writer service, specially tailored to empower real estate agents in the digital age. Say goodbye to time-consuming content creation and hello to seamless, compelling, and personalized marketing materials for your property listings. Elevate your real estate game with AI-powered content creation, and let your properties stand out in a crowded market.


Agent Website

Having a strong online presence is essential in today's real estate market, which is why we offer you a lead-generating website that is fully IDX-enabled. This sophisticated backend system empowers you to capture, organize, and monitor all your leads effectively. Additionally, you have access to a fully operational blog seamlessly integrated with your website.


Smart CRM & Mobile App

Experience an advanced lead management system seamlessly integrated with your agent website, fully powered by IDX. This system not only captures leads from your website but also enables you to monitor their website activity, establish customized alerts, and initiate marketing campaigns. Plus, there's an easy-to-use app available for both you and your clients to download!


Single Property Websites

Single property websites play a crucial role in every listing presentation. Sellers seek the assurance that their property will receive the highest level of exposure, and what better way to provide that assurance than by offering a dedicated website tailored to their home? These websites come equipped with advanced mapping, virtual tours, printable flyers, and numerous other features to showcase their property effectively.


Social Media Marketing

In today's world, almost everyone is active on social media! With our social media marketing tools, you can effortlessly incorporate your property listings and property search tools into your social platforms and other marketing channels.


Online Graphic Design

Effortlessly craft and customize postcards, listing flyers, brochures, door hangers, and various other marketing materials, all from the convenience of an online platform! You can choose to print them at your convenience or opt for the hassle-free option of having prints delivered directly to you or your intended recipients. It's a user-friendly process that couldn't be more convenient.


Web Flyers

You'll have the capability to effortlessly generate and personalize web flyers for both your listings and services, effectively capturing more leads across diverse marketing platforms. Additionally, these flyers can be printed, duplicated, shipped, integrated into your blog posts, or shared on other platforms where you promote your services.


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