Real Estate For Seniors

Senior Living Communities

There are over 60 Assisted Living Communities in the Midlands. In addition there are nursing  homes (Skilled Nursing Facilities with Long Term or Short Term Care Options), Alzheimer’s and  Dementia Care, Independent Living and Senior Apartments. Some allow pets, others do not.  Some facilities are secure, others are not. With so many choices, families need help choosing  the right community for their loved ones. 

What is Assisted Living? An assisted living community provides care for people who need some  help with activities of daily living, yet who wish to remain as independent as possible. These  communities bridge the gap between independent living and nursing homes. Residents in  assisted living communities aren’t able to live by themselves, but they don’t require constant  care. Medical care is limited in an assisted living community and the rules here in South  Carolina are different than those in other states. Residents are assessed when they move into  the community so the community can develop an individualized service plan to ensure that the  senior get the best care possible. 

Residents may suffer from memory disorders, various diseases, or simply need help with  mobility, incontinence or other challenges. Assisted living is appropriate for anyone who can no  longer manage to live on their own but doesn’t require medical care. How do I know what type  of community my loved one needs? The best way is to give us a call (803) 791-8086. We want  to know what is going on with your loved one BEFORE we make a recommendation. That way,  you don’t end up running all over town looking at the wrong type of communities or  communities that are not in your budget.