5 Accent Wall Ideas to Transform Your Home with Depth, Texture, and Intrigue

accent wall ideas

In interior design, the accent wall is a powerful tool to infuse personality into any space. Elevating a room from mundane to captivating, a well-designed accent wall can breathe life into your surroundings. Whether your plan is to decorate a home in Seattle, WA, or you’re searching for an accent wall friendly apartment to rent in Cape May, NJ, this Redfin article explores four distinct accent wall ideas that can redefine your space with depth, texture, and intrigue.

1. Choose the right spot for your accent wall

Choosing the right location for an accent wall is a strategic decision that can profoundly impact the overall atmosphere of a space.

Kris and Paul Masson, experts from Boots Up Nashville, a reputable wallpaper installation company, suggests, “installing your accent wall on the first wall you see upon entering a space or the wall behind the piece of furniture that anchors the room.”

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2. Try hardscaping an accent wall

Hardscaping an accent wall is a trend worth exploring for those seeking a robust and industrial aesthetic. Unleashing the raw beauty of materials like brick, stone, or concrete, hardscaping adds a touch of urban sophistication.

George Markoustas, CEO of ABLAZE Design Group, shares how “accent walls provide a perfect canvas to showcase your style” and recommends hardscaping for “accentuating architectural elements or adding texture.”

The juxtaposition of rough textures from hardscaping against smoother surfaces in the room creates a dynamic visual appeal. Victoria King, founder and designer of Victoria King Design, shares how “thin bricks can be added to walls for an easy refresh.”


3. Create a stunning accent wall with wallpaper

Wallpapers offer a versatile canvas for accent walls, presenting many patterns, textures, and colors. Whether opting for bold geometric prints or subtle floral designs, the right wallpaper can transform a room instantly.

Tim Schanz with Persnickety Paperhanger calls wallpaper a “great way to add a pop of color, patterns, or texture to a room without overwhelming the entire space.” Additionally, Schanz shares how “modern wallcoverings can be easily removed in full panels, with minimal to zero damage to walls.”

With varying wallpaper styles, Oleksandr Bezhenar with Captain Wallpaper states how the options are limitless, ranging from “variegated exclusive patterns to extravagant natural materials such as embossing.” Considering wallpaper can be costly, Bezhenar recommends hiring a professional installer to avoid mistakes or damage.

When choosing wallpaper for your accent wall, Steve Vaneman with Hi-Country Paperworks highlights how, “A well-selected print can refresh a space and inspire you every day.”

4. Add warmth to your home with a wood accent wall

Wooden accent walls bring warmth and a timeless elegance to any space. Whether using reclaimed wood for a rustic charm or sleek, stained panels for a modern look, the versatility of wood ensures compatibility with various interior styles.

Regarding the mid-century design, Ryan Smith, with Mid Mod Phoenix, calls wooden accent walls a “timeless sophistication of the era.” He adds, “An accent wall can be created with simple, sleek planes of wood or by creating built-in shelving that can be further customized with decor.”

Consider your existing furniture, and your accent wall wood finish complements those pieces to foster a harmonious ambiance.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Smith with Mid Mod Phoenix

5. Easily create an accent wall with paint

The simplest yet most effective way to create an accent wall is through paint. A carefully chosen color can define a room’s mood, adding depth and character.

If you paint an accent wall, Chris Fein with Forward Design | Architecture says that “it should be the entire wall” and extend from “edge to edge.”

Consider using a bold, contrasting hue against lighter walls to make a strong statement. Alternatively, a muted shade from the same color family can create a subtle, sophisticated effect.

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